Research & Projects

Online Architectural Sketching Interface for Simulations

Sketch rooms, generate 3D geometries, and analyze daylighting all in your web-browser

OASIS is a design tool developed for both architects and novices. It allows users to generate 3D geometries of architectural spaces quickly and easily. These 3D models can then be used as input for simulations, such as daylighting. The development of OASIS is my primary research project for my Master thesis at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

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Interactive Visualization of Acoustics

Visualize wave front propagations through phonon tracing

Wave front propagation in architectural spaces is difficult to visualize due to the complex interactions between sound the enclosed geometry. Visualization of wave fronts in real time for new geometries will allow designers an iterative approach to creatively designing spaces with desired sound properties.

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Multi-Control Bluetooth Power Strip and iPhone Application

Undergraduate Side Project

I developed an iPhone application to work with a prototype Bluetooth enabled power strip. Me and a few friends wanted to offer the ability to individually control devices from an smart phone. At the time there were only a few other similar products and most worked over Wifi. Our goal was to create an affordable Bluetooth alternative. Also,we reached out and contacted mentors in project management and manufacturing to formulate a business plan for this venture.

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On Network Randomization Methods: A Negative Control Study

Techinical Report

This paper is a case study of negative control in the discipline of motif detection. Motif detection software relies heavily on negative control to find motifs in a given network. Using mfinder results gathered from searching 3 to 5 node motifs using both graph randomization methods are compared and studied.

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