Interactive Visualization of Acoustics Visualize wave front propagation

Project Description

Interactive visualization of sound propagation in architectural spaces offers architects an iterative approach to construct rooms with desired acoustical proprieties through changes in geometry and materials in simulated models. We are investigating methods to simulate and visualize sound propagations with interactive frame rates for varying geometries. We created a design tool for architecture students that will allow the creation of 3D models and interactive visualizations of sound wavefronts in created spaces given an source position. With this toolkit designers will be able to assess the general acoustical properties of a room in the early design phase, saving both time and capital in the overall planning of an architectural space. See more in the technical report below.

Project Details

  • Uses OpenGL to render 3D interactive visualization
  • Active development of algorithms for geometric sound wave simulation
  • Uses phonon tracing as base algorithm to simulate wave fronts
  • Under current active development