BlueStrip Application Controlled Blutooth Powerstrip

Project Description

Me and two other students, an electrical engineering major and financing major created a product to compete in the 2013 Fairfield University Business Plan Competition. My team and I created both a functional product prototype and formal business plan. We won the "start up day" of the competition and were granted money to put into building the prototype. Our project consisted of a Bluetooth enabled power strip that through an iPhone application could control power to each outlet individually in order to provide an affordable alternative to more expensive home automation devices. Please see the full business plan for more information.

Project Details

  • Startup Day Winner of Fairfield University Business Plan 2013 – Awarded capital to begin development of product prototype.
  • Created an iPhone application to communicate through Bluetooth channels to Arduino micro-controllers.
  • Used strong communication skills to find mentors in the field of project management, engineering, manufacturing, and business.
  • Worked in a collaborative team project to develop a prototype consumer product along with a formal business plan